custom made CNC machining parts

We all know to judge precision machined parts are qualified or not ,not by sensory judgments, but by the date detected out through inspecting instruments.

We know this, while we buy continously the world most advanced processing equipment, we also matched these devices with more sophisticated detection equipment. These instruments are playing a judge's role in determining the precise parts of the "life and death" every day and only meeting the requirements of the drawings of the parts to have a chance to appear on the customer’s workbench.

Our clients outshines in the field of high precision parts, some even leading the world direction of technology development, as  these customers partners, we have the responsibility to ensure good quality of each one part, because we understand that a 1% defect in the hands of customers will be 100% bad. With this point, Kanou’s precision machined parts carry out policy of 100% detection.

Test results also allow customers to see, we will work this as obligations not value-added services. As it is indeed tasks for a mechanical processing manufacturer . While we are packing mechanical products shipped , on one's own initiative put both the inspection reports and product drawings together in packaging bag that is our unshakeable action.

Moreover, we consider accession inspection report to customer as having the following effect:
1. let the customer know whether our choice of  testing instrument is reasonable error .
2. To allow customers to compare the two sides of the inspectors inspection errors
3 let the customer understand the product inspectors and remember them.
4 in order to give customers the confidence, ease of use
5.To reduce costs for customers, most of the time, They only need to check the report so that they
could do selectively exempting from inspection work.
6 Be of the ISO quality management system for product traceability documentation requirements, to
improve customer satisfaction,ect.

So, while you are cooperating with us , please do not feel strange after seeing our unusual piece of paper different from other mechanical processing factory.

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