Quality Control Capacity

Quality Control Manager in Quality Control Department,  tell you that Zero goods rejected in Europe and American market since five years ago.
How can we do this in precision machining industry for five consecutive years ?


 For passing rate of our machining parts , how to ensure a good  look ? our vice president , Imai will tell you : that is because of our quality assurance system and our sophisticated inspection equipment .

Our quality ensuring system :


Our precision inspecting equioment:

Model Made In Units Accuracy Capacity
Schut 3D CNC Demeet 220 Holland 1 4+L/150  µ 220x150x100 max weight 20kg
Poli CMM Sky  Italy 1 E=3.2+2.4xL  µ 500x400x350
Mahr Form Tester MMQ10 Mahr 1 Roundness error  (µin+µin/in)meas.height)0.07+0.001 200x200x50
Werth 3D CNC Video Check IP-400 Germany 1 Axial run-out error
(µin+µin/in meas.radius)
VMM   Taiwa 3   420*300*300
Altimeter TESA Swiss 4 ±0.001 high:200
image measuring instrument   Taiwa 2 ±0.005 200x200x200
(2.5dimension)   Taiwa 4 ±0.005 400x200x200

Partial precision machining Inspecting Equipments :

three-D inspection equipment

3 dimensional detector

2.5 dimensional detector

altimeter inspecting

roundness measuring instrument

tool microscope

Our quality inspecting process: