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we opens everythig to the world. We keep reporting daily event happened here.

And today, i had an interview with one of our sales reps, Miss Zhang.

Miss Zhang is a lovely sweety girl. She is in charge of cnc machining business from both Japan and domestic market. I told her the interview subject for today is " Small order for CNC Machining, if you can not get it done, just tell us" . When i asked her whether she has got some examples to talk about this topic. She shows big interests and tell me that she has got large number of example to talk.

For the reason of saving your time, there i just give one of the examples.

One is from her customer named Nanfenga which is a company in Thiland, but they sell this CNC Machiing Parts to Europe. This customer once required Miss Zhang four items about  wire edm cutting services, and Miss Zhang quoted him in a reasonable price at high quality. But this customer just placed her an order with three of the CNC Machining products. Miss Zhang asked why he didn't let us do all her quotations. and the customer replied that our CNC Machining price was higher thanother suppliers. He let other supplier to do one of the four requires. 

What made Miss Zhang feel surprised is that half a month later, this customer came back to her again and required her to do the CNC Machining item which he didn't place on her last time. Miss Zhang was surely to require an good reason. This customer explained that other supplier didn't make his CNC Machining product during the whole half a month, but he needed the CNC Machining product very urgent.

so.....he hoped that we could help him. 
Ten days later, when Miss Zhang deliveried his Precision CNC Machinig Parts to this customer, He was so
grateful that he gave Miss Zhang a little lovely teddy bear to show his thanks.

We are CNC Machining manufacturer company specialized in producing HIGH PRECISION MACHINERY PARTS.We offer  high precision cnc machining spare parts to several famous Janpan Enterprises such as PANASONIC,MINATO,GZE,SONY ,KYOCERA  and so on. From the foundation of our company, we constantly provide professional equipment customizing cnc machining parts for some world top 500 companies, and all well-reputed.

We make cnc machining spare parts according
to your requires. We make spare parts one bye one. Only we received your drawings which marked your cnc machining size, specification details, material requires ,tolerances,and so on, we could quote for you.

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