We can provide 100% materials specification

People engaged in mechanical processing industry know that materials quality of precision parts must be high. Most popular saying is that if materials are not good, even though the processing technology is higher, it still will not achieve the desired function.

 What problem can appear with bad material?

1. The operational life span of products can not be ensured.
2.The assembly accuracy of products are not up to the design requirements.
3 the product easy to be deformation
4 containing the material from the surroundings.
5 the processing accuracy can not meet customers' requirements because of poor materials.

So guarantee of material quality is very important! After matreial pointed by designer according to using the function specified, how to ensure the material is the ability of machinery processing manufacturers.

But it is difficult to distinguish out whether material is fake or not with the naked eyes . the material component analysis can confirm the result, but not only takes time, the cost is also not low. Each batch of material testing is also difficult in reality, how to do about it ? In fact, steel producers have shipping inspection report for to each batch of steel shipments, especially some large or well-known steel factory, the inspection report is very detailed. But, to be clear, steel producers only issue nspection report for each batch of products. as we all know, each batch of shipments of steel is relatively large.  Going through the trader - agents - distribution,   they reach mechanical processing factory and steel has been cut into very small units, so it is difficult to save shipment inspection report completely after all of these circulations.

To get the material report directly , we need to ask for large retailers, because they understand the customer demand for material report, whether it is in domestic or foreign country, material will be generally ready  number of copies in advance for requirements . Kanou Precision has strict requirements for his raw material suppliers .  Each batch of steel goods must attach steel certificate, we will also check the conditions and confirm as goods, and keep the file for our customers.

Materials purchase channels in Some small mechanical processing plant  are real  a wide variety,.  They mostly take goods from small materials vendors , and some are even small shop. In this case , it is a painful thing for them to get the material quality certificate .

In summary, if your request to the material is very strict and need materials certificate, please choose carefully  your machinery processing supplier.


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