Never Being Bored With Machining Single Spare Parts

Written by Mary King

It is always a very contradictory  for some mechanical processing plant to choose a small amount of processing or batch processing .
There are a lot of benefits from large quantity :

1. Yield is stability, easy to plan production, convenient management
2. Staff’s training is simple, standardized production, do not worry about the flow of personnel
3.The amount is larger, faster capital accumulation
4.The material is easy to buy, convenient supply chain management
5.Fast large scale production, to expand benefits  ect.
But there are real demands for small batch processing in machinery processing market , how to choose will test the determination and courage of mechanical processing enterprise leadership .
Kanou Precision had this problem in choosing whether our production located in a small amount of processing or batch processing at the beginning . but under the guidelines of improving the customer satisfaction of quality,  Kanou Precision completely determine the business direction only in small batch machining, and sort out our batch processing business in 2009 . We specially deal with multi variety of small quantity of customers demand. Our efforts have been recognized by the market. Many customers are therefore to cooperate with us, such as Japan Tateyama machinery, Japan must Teng, Japan's ULVAC etc.


After years of deep operating in Machinery machining , we have fully established the institutional response to small parts processing, equipment configuration, personnel training, process reengineering, system specifications, etc., we have a small amount of processing in the market and more confidence in mechanical parts machining industry.
As long as there is a affirmative look in your eyes ,we will be responsibly to do our best to  produce best machining part for you. we are convinced that we can serve more customers in this subdivided market and help more customers to solve problems.
One precision parts processing, we are never tired.

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