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Our precision can reach 0.005mm

Written by Mary King

What we usually say that the precision of the products?

Baidu Encyclopedia is explained as the following:

Precision is the degree of accuracy required in the processing of parts size reached, it allows the size of the error, the allowable error is higher, the precision is lower; the allowable error is smaller,  the higher precision; shortened as  "precision". commonly expressed as standard deviation (standard deviation, SD or S) relative standard deviation (relative standard deviation, RSD) . When Analysising, usually expressed in RSD precision
Common point that the degree which meet the machining parts size requirements are precision or not. tolerance is smaller, the higher the accuracy of the machining ,wire edm , gringding , dischargeing products
These units are very common in precision machining parts drawings. Especially unit mm ! If you are not professionals, it will take ou some time to understand these units . To make it more clearly, you may try to remove a hair down to have a look, this hair’s diameter is between 0.05-0.08mm (or 50um-80um it differs from man to man.)
Is a hair thin? How do you think if I tell you that machining parts of our precision can be one of the 80 human hair (0.0005-0.001mm) ?
StartED at the beginning in 2005, I received a mail from Datong magnet quality management staff.  He hoped I could help survey there is any 0.0005mm precision plug gauges  in China . Is it 0.0005mm? It is the first time for such a request, I repeatedly asked many times until the affirmative reply will i dare to believe this is true.
But how can this be? I must have a look at the real samples. Customers are very generous, took out a high precision plug gauge imported from Japan and showed it to me for observation. I still clearly remember the scene when i looked at the sample: fine tungsten steel material, comfortable feel helding in my hand ; It was bright and and emitted out metal unique luster, can even see figure on it just like look yoursef in a mirror. Fine PE box was the same as packing of cultural relics; delicate as with great care to protect gauge, peripheral and rust proof cloth wrapped; plug and the center of both laser engraved with the nominal value of gauge (standard size); product detecting report was written  on tolerances 0.0005mm , testing instruments for the measurement precision of 1/100000  Mitutoyo length measuring instrument.

“Can you do it?” Customer interrupt my surprise, “we try!” I remember that there was only this few word in my mind. To tell the truth , i was too surprised to have nothing in my mind. My eyes was accustomed to check four number accuracy, but that customer required the product to be five number accuracy. It was a big challenge for me about that.

At that time, Kanou Precision was just a beginner, There was no such strength to reach this accuracy , but we believe, as long as we controlled well about the material, technology, environment, testing , it was very likely to produce such products. Except for the hardware equipment , quality consciousness is the key to produce high precision parts. Japanese could do, we would at least have a try.
We do not own equipments, then we could look for help with equipment manufacturers . If they did not understand the processing technology, we could guide; If they didn’t know the test , we also could offer help. With such ideas, after two months’ hard work such as search ing in Yellow Pages and friends introduction etc. , finally found a metallurgy factories which were processing mandrel in Taiwan. At that time, their processing capacity was precision 0.002mm in diameter or less, rather big basic; and most remarkable was that there was very Mitutoyo laser length measuring instrument.
When equipments, detection, personnel were ready , and the remaining is to guide the work. When we told them we were  going to produce five number plug gauge, indeed, the Taiwanese were also shocked, but the general manager still promised to research and development with us.
Parts of processing , equipment stability, wheel quality,  environment of processing plant, the selection of materials, processing technology ect., all the factors are inter-related . We focused on these conditions and made the following adjustments:
1.Use newly acquired Taiwan centerless grinding
2.Buy Japan's best wheel (diamond level)
3.Processing plant temperature controlled at 20 ℃ + / -1 ℃
4.Centerless grinding master for 15 years practitioners from Taiwan and he is responsible.
5. To maintain the testing room is the same temperature with the workshop , the product is detected after constant temperature.
6.Tungsten steel chosen in Germany.


(Due to technical issues of confidentiality can not show more detail)
After two months of exploration and testing, we had finally succeeded in producing the extreme position plug, and passed through CEPREI the third-party’s testing,  I do not know whether it was the first time in China . but it shocked Japan companies which know that we produced extremely plug gauge. We tried and tested from the beginning to the  transfer, we went very smoothly, and thus successfully sold the product to Sony, Sanyo, Japan's electricity Nissan, Panasonic, Kyocera and other world famous enterprises, including of course the first time we try to make for Datong Magnet!

Now we are processing  not only processing five number precision plug gauge , more areas are applying this technology to produce high-precision parts,machinery processing, wire edm, cnc machining, precision machining, cnc turning, gringding, lathe machining, such as: micro-motor bearings reaming rods, motor core stamping mold, IC lead molds, precision laser head assembly positioning pins, precision electronics assembly, etc., zirconia ceramic materials can also be processed.

We have been mention improve their processing capacity with helping from customers . but also hope that our efforts can contribute to the development of society .

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