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                                                              Written by Mary King
What the feelings of people from medium-sized and small enterprises to top world 500 enterprises ?

Unattainable? Out of reaching ? very highly require ?  how to become a qualified supplier? How you will think when i tell you that as a machining manufacturer company, we have more than 20 customers which are top enterprises. How you feel when tell you most of these top 500 enterprises found us actively.

To tell more about these case, need more time. From now on, i’d like to tell you all this true story one by one. Today, i will tell you one case , please trust , it is ture case.

First let us look back to the old time when Kanou Precision founded in 2005. Foreign-funded enterprises went quite smoothly at those period. But they had the following affliction : precision parts from Chinese manufacturers can not met the requirements , the materials always had this or that problem ; the precision machinig parts stability lacked of protection, often was qualified for the first time, but not for second.  other details done was far from satisfactory: poor packaging, not attached shipment inspection reports, etc.,

Under this depression, Kanou Precision founder -member caught the  business  opportunities and founded this company.  Benefitting from the founder's popularity in the precision machining industry with confidence from the outset so that we positioned the company in the high-end precision machining parts field.

One day, I received a buy personnel's phone from Panasonic Motor Zhuhai.  He explicitly told by a friend that Kanou Prrecision could undertake the micro machining parts, and hope to help processing production line superior mechanical processing capacity.  fixture. Originally, micro-motor (motor, said domestic) needed a very high precision requires for assembly , and at that time the production lines were imported from Japan. The cost was very high and it needed to take 40-60 days for producing . 

It was obviously that the delivery was far unable to meet production needs. they gingerly found a few mechanical processing manufacturer in China , but the problem was either the suplier did not dare quote at the first sight of the drawings or told that they could not meet the delivery.  Most worsest, some laughed at Panasonic's procurement staff: "to achieve micron precision machining is impossible, is certainly a mistake, " This made Panasonic purchaser being able neither to cry nor to laugh.

As a large company purchasers, their professional quality was indeed unusual,.  Although their friends introduced our company to them, they were still very cautious.  they tried to give me a motor bearings which were pressed into the rule by fixture . material : SKS3, hardness: 52 degrees, the hole diameter 3mm, hole tolerance at: plus-minus 0.003mm, the table diameter 30mm, 0.002mm


These request on drawings is now not complicated, but in 2005 it was indeed very high precision components, and because a lot of processing equipment was very expensive and not easy to buy.

So did our company . but there's Sodick,  wire edm cutting and surface grinding machine, coupled with the Japanese technical staff to ensure machining quality. so our first machining part was handed. to the hands of Panasonic customers in the fifth days successfully .

Because the guests wanted to immediately verify whether the product was qualified, I sent the machining part to Panasonic detection chamber directly , the Panasonic inspectors were surprised to see this machining part and asked his colleague : "Is this really not produced in Japan?" I asked him why ask such a question ? Was there a problem? He told us undisguisedly : "The hardness of this machining part on the inspection report, full-size data, visual inspection results are listed out in detail, careful packaging and labeling are in the list , so far only Japanese suppliers that do it.  He was just so surprised .......... "



By two weeks’ detecting the machinng part passed of qualified in the Panasonic production line , Panasonic purchasing staff contacted me again and told that our product was no problem with Japanese quality. He appreciated that we gave him a big help and would immediately apply for his company’s admission to  have Kanou Precision as a qualified supplier.

So we started a business cooperation with Panasonic until now, every time that they have a problem with machining parts they will think of us,  such as motor stator fixed to fit the fixture ceramics positioning pin, motor bearings reaming rods, etc.

World top 500 enterprises are certainly strong, but they also need suppliers as Kanou Precision which has superior mechanical processing capacity.  This is a double-wins .

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