custom made aluminium cnc machining parts

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 custom made aluminium cnc machining parts 

Kanou always focus on the client's demand and client's satisfaction. 8 years experience of professional Aluminum Milling parts service . 

A:About  aluminum cnc  machining parts Special Interviews:

Cherish lofty ideals of devoting to building up the first world brand in high precision machining industry ,  Kanou Precision  opens everythig to the world. We keep reporting daily routine happened here.

Small Amount , Just Find Us If You Can Not Make It Done

Recentlly, there is a catchword which is poplar with staff in Kanou Precision. This catchword has already brought us a large number of orders.
It originally started from our famous humor engineer , Mr. Yan.As an engineer working in Customer Service Department, he is a professional specialist in machancal machining Aluminum cnc machining parts besides being very humor. He is warmly welcome in both inside the company and our customers. He is also so kind , helpful and considerate.He usually notices more than others. He is not only humor but also got strong sense of responsibility on everything.
The catchword"Small Amount , Just find us if you can't make"  come from his mouth the first. There have ever been many customers coming toour company and ask him for any help in some difficult aluminum cnc machining parts. He always replys : Any case, if you can't make, just find us,we can help you. We specialized in handling mysterious symptoms. every time he comfort our customers using this exactly humors sentense. With time, this sentence becoming popular sentense in our company.
Actually, Kanou Prrecision focus on customized machiing parts, Aluminum cnc machining parts. Single pieces order accepted, Specialized in manufacturing high precision aluminum cnc machining parts. ,wire edm, precision machining, machinery processing, machine parts, cnc machining,equipment components, spare parts , electric discharging, and so on.

Located in Bao'an Shenzhen city, we are professional precision mechinery processing Aluminum cnc machining parts company. we pass ISO9001 ,Our material is with RoHS. We cooperate with famous brand all over the world, such as PANASONIC , SONY etc. Our main market is in Europe, Japanese and American. We have
R&D, and your desgn is also accepted.

Picture of Aluminum cnc machining parts China.

B: Aluminum cnc machining parts with processing center China list :

KANOU Wire Cut Machines LIST
Model Made In Units Accuracy Capacity
Sodick CNC Wirecut(AQ360L) Japan 1 ±0.005 260x250x250
Sodick CNC Wirecut(AQ550L) Japan 1 ±0.005 550x350x320
Sodick Wirecut EDM(AP200L (Oil Model) Japan 1 ±0.002 300x270x100
Hitachi CNC Wirecut(254Y) Japan 4 ±0.005 350x250x220
Charmillies CNC Wirecut(Robofil 240) Swiss 1 ±0.005 350x220x220
Agie CNC Wirecut(Challenge 2) Swiss 1 ±0.002 350x250x256
Mitsubishi CNC Wirecut(FA10M) Japan 6 ±0.002 350x250x220
Fanuc CNC Wirecut(α-oiB) Japan 1 ±0.005 320x220x180
Sodick Wirecut EDM(DK7725f) China 11 ±0.02 350x300x400


C: KANOU's Aluminum cnc machining parts Advantages

1).Small amount, just find us if you can't get it done.
2).Our accuracy : 0.003mm , just as 1/80 of a strand of human hair.
3).Offering Aerospace Parts  for the Aerospace  Department
4).Most quick delivery in customized Aluminum milling parts machining industry.
5).We are the partner for more than 20 the Fortune Global 500 companies .
6).Being involved in the case of scientific research projects which are for Tsinghua University,Harbin Institute of Technology and other ten more engineering colleges.
7). 0 goods rejected in Europe and American market since 5 years ago.
8). Never material defect records

More Aluminum cnc machining parts 

aluminium cnc machining parts


D:Preocessing Technology of Aluminum cnc machining parts: 

Material→First time to processing→Heat treatment→HRC test→Dynomizing(inner circle) → Inspection dimension→WEDM-LS processing→Inspection dimension→EDM →processing→Inspection dimension→Dynomizing (Excircle)→Inspection dimension→Dynomizing (surface)→Inspection dimension→Polishing                                                    

E:Our Aluminum cnc machining parts Specification:

1. Processing tolerance within 0.005mm
2. High quality & competitive price aluminum milling parts
3. Equipment: CNC lathe, automatic lathing machines and so on
4. Mangement: : Skilled workers and Rich experiencd staff
5.Convenient geographic advantage :Near Yantian port and Shenzhen airport, Hongkong airport.

Machining: CNC machining center ,aluminum milling parts, CNC lathe, four-axis milling center,Vertical machining center,Universal turret miling machine,Universal radial milling machie,CNC milling machine,Wire cutting,Wire edm , Machine parts.

F:  cnc machining parts comparing:

G: Brief Introduction of Aluminum parts
Located in Bao'an Shenzhen city, we are professional precision mechinery processing company.we pass ISO9001,2008 ,Our  prodct material is with RoHS. We cooperate with famous brand  all over the world, such as PANASONIC , SONY etc. Our main market is in Europe, Japanese and American. We have R&D, and your desgn is also accepted. 

You are welcome to visit our company and factory
Main market is in Japan,Europe and America.


HAluminum milling parts workshop 1 :

Aluminum cnc machining parts workshop 2:

I: Main ordered Aluminum cnc machining parts customers'brand

J: After-sale services for Aluminum cnc machining Parts 

We promise seriously that we will returned the goods at the first time if the products delivered have any defeat and also we will refund the customers if they require.


Happy moments for our Aluminum cnc machining Parts team


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Kanou Precision specialized in manufacturing high precision Aluminum parts ,cnc machining,machinery processing,precision machining,wire edm,machining,cnc turing,machine parts,
 mechanical parts.
You are welcome to send us drawings for processing.
Our main market:Japan,Europe,America.