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Kanou always focus on the client's demand and client's satisfaction. 8 years experience of professional precision CNC Machining service .


A:About cnc machining Special Interviews

Cherish lofty ideals of devoting to building up the first world brand in high precision machining industry,  Kanou Precision  opens everythig to the world. We keep reporting daily routine happened here. 

Our cnc machining products fully meet the requirements of Rohs

RoHS is a mandatory standard established by EU legislation, whose full name is  Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

This standard was formally implemented on July 1st., 2006 , mainly for electrical and electronic products, cnc machining raw materials specification and process standards, making it more conducive to human health and the environment.

The purpose of this standard is to eliminate the electrical and electronic products, lead, mercury,cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers of six substances, and mainly ruled the lead content less than 0.1%.
Six hazardous substances RoHS lists six hazardous substances in electrical and electronic cnc machining products during all production processes and raw materials.  Including: white appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens , air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, water heaters, black appliances, such as audio, video products , DVD, CD, TV receivers, IT products, digital products, communication cnc working products; electric tools, electric and electronic toys, medical electrical equipment.
1 .Substance contained Lead (Pb) : solder, glass, PVC stabilizers.
2. Substance contained Mercury (Hg) : thermostats, sensors, switches and relays, bulbs.
3. Substance contained Cadmium (Cd <gé>) : Switches, springs, connectors, housings and PCB, contacts, battery.
4. Substance contained Hexavalent chromium (Cr 6 + <gè>) :cnc machining metal with corrosion coating.
5 Substance contained polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) e: flame retardants, PCB, connectors, plastic housing6 Substance contained polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) : flame retardants, PCB,connectors, plastic housing.
 How do we ensure 
CNC Machining with RoHS ?
There are several ways :
1 . In the regulation of ISO9001 for suppliers, non-rohs products are prohibited.
2. Signing RoHS guarantee with suppliers to define their responsibilities.
3. Purchasing cnc machining materials only from suplliers which is identified only from the company , formal channels don’t have any cheating.
4. Asking the third parties irregularly to have a  mechanical test on raw materials .
5 surface treatment supplier management are also included RoHS.
6 Because the customers constantly request,
We are constantly learning and improving RoHS management .Through the conclusion of the management, so far We have not had any Rohs environmental problems with our cnc machining products.This is corporate social responsibility, we will strive to do better.

B: China cnc machining working knowledge: 

China metal working is the process by which material is removed from a workpiece with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment that cuts away unwanted material.
CNC Machining is possible on a wide range of materials. Parts are machined directly according to the 3D CAD or 2d drawings you offered.
Why is the CNC Machining process best choice ?

1. In the necessory of holding tight tolerance (+/- 0.005").
2. In specific material, such as the production of metal.
CNC Machining strongpoints

1. Machining a wide variety of metal material options
2.Typical accuracy is +/- 0.005"
3.Ability to hold tight tolerances

CNC Machining Quotion Options
 1.Offline Quote - A sales manager will engage you to discuss the CNC machining project requirements after you submit the quote request quote: please send email at :

CNC Machining Data Lists :

KANOU Machining Centre(CNC) LIST
Model Made In Units Accuracy Capacity
Machining Centre 
Matsuura CNC(V.Plus 800-5Axis) Japan 1 ±0.003 800x500x500
Matsuura CNC (V.Plus 800) Japan 2 ±0.003 800x500x500
Matsuura CNC (FX1G2) Japan 1 ±0.005 550x410x460
Ruko-Ruko(Mega360) Japan 1 ±0.005 410x330x200
Mazak HS CNC Drilling (FJV-200) Japan 1 ±0.005 560x410x410
Fanuc CNC (Robodrill a-T14ice) Japan 2 ±0.01 500x400x330
Kira CNC(KPC30B) Japan 1 ±0.01 500x380x300
Mikron CNC (HSM400) Swiss 1 ±0.005 400x450x350
Hartford CNC(MVP-8A) Taiwan 4 ±0.005 1050x530x630

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CNC Machining working of Eight Advantag

1).Small amount, just find us if you can't get it done.
2).Our accuracy : 0.003mm , just as 1/80 of a strand of human hair.
3).Offering Aerospace Parts  for the Aerospace  Department
4).Most quick delivery in customized cnc machining industry.
5).We are the partner for more than 20 the Fortune Global 500 companies .
6).Being involved in the case of scientific research projects which are for Tsinghua University,Harbin Institute of Technology and other ten more engineering colleges.
7). Zero goods rejected in Europe and American market since five years ago.
8).Never material defect records.

C:Our CNC Machining working Specification:

1. Processing tolerance within 0.005mm
2. High quality & competitive price mechanical equipment parts
3. Equipment: CNC lathe, automatic lathing machines and so on
4. Mangement: : Skilled workers and Rich experiencd staff
5.Convenient geographic advantage :Near Yantian port and Shenzhen airport, Hongkong airport.

CNC Machining: China metal working center ,CNC lathe, four-axis milling center,Vertical machining center,Universal turret miling machine,Universal radial milling machie,CNC milling machine.

D:Preocessing Technology of CNC Machining working :

Material→First time to processing→Heat treatment→HRC test→Dynomizing(inner circle) → Inspection dimension→WEDM-LS processing→Inspection dimension→EDM →processing→Inspection dimension→Dynomizing (Excircle)→Inspection dimension→Dynomizing (surface)→Inspection dimension→Polishing .

E: CNC Machining working comparing


 F: CNC Machining working workshop 1 : 


CNC Machining working workshop 2 : 

G: Company introduction of CNC Machining working :

Located in Bao'an Shenzhen city, we are professional precision mechinery processing company.we pass ISO9001,2008 ,Our  prodct material is with RoHS. We cooperate with famous brand  all over the world, such as PANASONIC , SONY etc. Our main market is in Europe, Japanese and American. We have R&D, and your desgn is also accepted. 

You are welcome to visit our company and factory
Main market is in Japan,Europe and America.

Main CNC Machining ordered customers'brand

H:After-sale services for CNC Machining :

We promise seriously that we will returned the goods at the first time if the products delivered have any defeat and also we will refund the customers if they require.


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